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BUSINESS PLAN. vengeful trading where lot sizes are increased to make up for losses. If you conservatively stick to your game plan with consistent lot sizes where you never risk more How Do I Start A Forex Trading Business? Your currency trading business can be started as a small investment. Creating a legal entity for your currency trading business is the best way Are you about starting a Forex brokerage firm? If YES, here’s a complete sample Forex brokerage business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE to raise money. If you are 11/5/ · Forex Trading Plan Template Google Sheets ; Forex Trading Plan Template Word; Conclusion. In a nutshell, every trader must have a well-defined solid trading plan. ... read more

George Soros. To sum up, we have created a trading business plan template that you can use for free in the format of your preference. In a nutshell, every trader must have a well-defined solid trading plan.

Developing an organized trading system is the first step in becoming a professional and successful forex trader and will increase your chances of success over the short and long term. For now, you can use our free forex trading plan template to start with. Then, add notes, tasks, or any other inspirational quotes you think will help you to trade better.

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I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. MARKETING PLAN 7 3. LOCATION 11 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The word Inforex was derived from two different words, information and forex. Inforex pty ltd is an organisation which seeks to provide information specifically related to foreign exchange market Forex, FX, or currency market.

Traders within this market hardly reach information which could be useful to them due unlimited working hours. The owner of the company, Percy Khumalo, has commercial and information technological skills and over 3years of experience in the individual forex trading world. He has not completed his educational journey as he is still studying B-com in Information Management at the University of Johannesburg.

The foreign exchange market is by far the major market in the whole world wide as recognised by the World Bank. As such it has been mentioned as the market nearby to the supreme of perfect competition. Our primary aim is to provide simple different training opportunities to new and existing forex traders, we also strive to punctually inform individual forex traders with accurate forex information such as various fluctuating values of all existing currencies across the world, as acknowledged by the United Nation.

Inforex is a very mobile service provider as one can easily access services provided from wherever they are. We offer two different methods to render services to our potential clients. Our clients simply need to logon to our official website to make a booking for online or face-to-face services. What makes us unique from our competitors is that our clients can reach our services from anywhere and anytime, our training program is not a once-off thing as clients will always be informed about relevant information such as ever fluctuating currency values.

Web-based information systems are our primary need to produce our services accurately and at lower costs. Different types of Information Communications Technology ICT facilities are required for us to start producing and rendering services, they include, Desktops or Laptops; various types of Portals; Servers both hardware and Software ; Database software and Network infrastructure. As Percy FX Traders, it operated in Johannesburg in as a foreign exchange forex educating institution. At the beginning the company was primarily specialising in educating and training clients to become forex traders.

This includes all features of buying, selling and trading currencies at current or determined prices. In relations of trading capacity, it is by far the biggest market in the world. Source: sidisanneh.

We also provide services to clients who have successfully completed basic forex-trading training in any other institution. Services include, professional trader assistance, use of our Information Communications Technology ICT facilities: online trading software, information portal and network infrastructure.

Inforex competitive advantage is that it has very well trained and qualified personnel, access to quality Information Communications Technology ICT facilities, access to accurate information and effective use of Information Technology. Our uniqueness of our services is the key advantage in this market. MARKETING PLAN 3. Our Information and Knowledge specialists make use of their skills to find relevant information about information needed within foreign exchange market.

Our primary target market are university students and people in the corporate world as they are the one exposed and used to information technology and communication facilities. Market Share and Market Size As mentioned earlier foreign currency market is the largest market in the world, and it has been mentioned as the market nearby to the supreme of perfect competition.

The following pie chart illustrates Inforex market share and its local and international competitors. Competition Inforex is a company operating only in South Africa, but after a successful market research we have discovered that our competitors also exist in other countries.

Inforex is company operating under the industry information, communication and technology, location is not our main concern as it is possible for us to reach our clients and target market through internet or social media.

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Download Free PDF View PDF. New electronic trading systems in foreign exchange markets. Introduction The following document is intended to serve as a guide for our customers who want to start their own Foreign Exchange Forex brokerage.

This document will provide a roadmap to help you start your brokerage business using the Boston Technologies framework. The Role of Boston Technologies Boston Technologies builds, installs, maintains and supports foreign exchange software. Boston Technologies also works with our partners to help provide our customers with other related services to augment their foreign exchange businesses. Boston Technologies is neither a broker nor a trading company.

We will assist our customers with any relevant technology needs but we will neither hold end-user money nor initiate trades in any way. Boston Technologies is NOT a trading counterparty. Starting Up Every brokerage is regulated in a variety of ways and can be started in a variety of locations. Assuming you want to start in a thoughtful, methodical way, here are the recommended steps to take: 1.

Scope - Deciding on the scope of your brokerage business startup is important. We will discuss a recommendation for the scope of your startup in the sections that follow and the reasons behind the recommendation.

Incorporation — You will need to incorporate your company in a location where there is a solid background in financial services and where it will be fairly simple, inexpensive and legal. Registration - Registration brings legitimacy and credibility.

Even where registration is optional, your company will benefit from being registered. Where registration is required, your company will need to be registered as a financial body in order to market in these locations. You should start by looking at all the markets where you plan to accept client funds. Capital Requirements - In general, being registered means that the local authorities will go through a due diligence process on the owner and the credibility of the project.

In addition, to secure the customer funds, many authorities will require that the owner of the entity deposit some capital in the brokerage. This capital is called Net Capital or Net Cap. These requirements will be more described below. This means starting with securities and a set of regulations that are manageable and establishing your brokerage where you will be able to legitimately trade and compete without the danger of overstepping legal or regulatory bounds.

Because of this, we recommend starting as a spot Forex company, trading over the counter, in order to become familiar with how the process works. However, the regulatory requirements and environment for these products is significantly more complex. To jump into these right away would ultimately delay the process of creating a workable business model, in an industry — Forex — that is already early-stage and in many ways, ambiguous.

Essentially, there are many different parts of the value chain to sort through — even with simple spot Forex, and thus many different ways to take on risk and achieve margin. Given your assumed desire to be light- footed and your lack of a need for being able to market in Western Europe, we recommend starting your Forex brokerage in a less complex environment. London has an established set of regulatory hurdles and FX is therefore more difficult there.

htm Offshore Financial Centers There are a number of islands such as the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas that are experienced financial services centers, though they may be less established Forex centers. Obviously, many of these locations have fairly low-cost barriers to entry and certain tax benefits, although many of them require that the institutions they license appear to have some sustainability.

asp compare. aspx  Cayman Islands, which has the largest value of AUM in offshore funds, and is also the strongest presence in the U. securitization market. Regulation and supervision of the financial services industry is the responsibility of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CIMA. The CIMA licenses firms to conduct securities investment business, which includes market makers, broker- dealers, securities arrangers, securities advisors and securities managers. This is typically defined by country.

In general the rule of thumb is that registering in multiple countries can get very expensive. If you are an online company, it is possible that you will get online clients from a variety of countries beyond where you register. At first, you may choose just to register in the countries where you are actively marketing.

If you start by incorporating in Belize, for example, then just registering in the developing countries where you will initially operate is likely the most cost effective path.

However, if you find that, say, you are getting a lot of clients from a different country — it will start to make financial and legal sense to go through the regulatory hoops of the country. Below is a discussion of two example countries, Pakistan and Bahrain and also an overview of the U.

registration landscape for comparison. Currently, the SBP is not specifically regulating Forex brokerages, but a good practice would be to incorporate in an area where there is Forex licensing in order to put forth a good faith effort to follow sound regulations.

Bahrain requires that if you are selling to its citizens, you need one of their citizens to be part of your partnership, or be in partnership with a local company. Either way, you can still own the majority of the subsidiary company that is you set up in Bahrain. asp , which is essentially synonymous with being a brokerage in the Forex arena. Two organizations police the sector and step in to protect the consumer on a regular basis.

These organizations are the National Futures Association NFA and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC. Of the two the CFTC is most heavily involved in the detection and punishment for fraud, manipulation and abusive trade practices in the retail Forex sector.

The www. gov website is an excellent source of information on customer protection and on-going legal disputes against brokers and other entities. Here is a list of some of the regulating agencies:  NFA - the National Futures Association.

Capital Requirements Depending on where you are registered, capital requirements will vary. Capital requirements are a catch-all phrase for the capital that countries, regulatory agencies or the country of incorporation will require in order to feel comfortable with you as a Forex institution.

In more highly regulated locations like the U. It is likely that startup brokerages will be required to have significant capital in the form of credit lines with a big bank. This is especially true in the case you would like to offer straight through processing or you would like to have a reasonable amount of risk control. If you want to move beyond the developing country markets where you are located, you may be required to put up a higher net capital investment.

See Section 5: Business Model for further discussion. It is possible to get credit lines from multiple banks at the same time to fulfill your total capital requirement. Technolog y Problems To be prepared for the situations Have backups and a where you need to act quickly. Regulator y Existence Unknown regulatory environment which Ideally become a licensed can lead to regulatory investigation and entity where you are fines or other consequences.

incorporated and know your local markets; hire appropriate legal talent. Regulator y Update Forex is relatively new and faces Focus on simple regulations that are changing daily. securities first, and then move into more complex and highly regulated securities. Location of Incorporation Incorporating in an offshore area The Cayman Islands has a usually means that you are in a less- strong reputation for experienced country for dealing with financial services.

Belize Forex issues. has a good deal of Forex experience. Both of these locations also provide more flexibility and lower startup costs than many other countries.

Countries of Registra tion You may get customers from Start with countries where countries where you are not you are actively marketing, registered. then move to new countries if customer concentration increases in new places Taking Risk as a Counte r - Taking the other side of trades that Hedging trading risk with Part y go against you risks your capital.

liquidity providers. Fixed Costs Not enough income to pay the Make sure that you pay operating costs. your recurring costs from your recurring revenue. Market Description Forex is an emerging market with many disaggregated players.

The diagram below provides an overview of the major players and how they interact. Currency trade values are in the multiple tens of millions of US dollars at a time. These trades are the ones that really set the price of a particular currency. They are used for speculation, hedging and currency exchange for international commerce.

The prices are determined with less variability than smaller players. Regulation: These entities have similar regulations to large broker houses. However, in some developing countries, spreads are even larger, at Pips.

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11/5/ · Forex Trading Plan Template Google Sheets ; Forex Trading Plan Template Word; Conclusion. In a nutshell, every trader must have a well-defined solid trading plan. Are you about starting a Forex brokerage firm? If YES, here’s a complete sample Forex brokerage business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE to raise money. If you are BUSINESS PLAN. vengeful trading where lot sizes are increased to make up for losses. If you conservatively stick to your game plan with consistent lot sizes where you never risk more How Do I Start A Forex Trading Business? Your currency trading business can be started as a small investment. Creating a legal entity for your currency trading business is the best way ... read more

Join Free Now. The protection of this technique is often a short term solution. Currently we our head office is located in Cnr Liberty Road and Central Sandton, 7th St, Sandown, Sandton, For more information, check out our Privacy Policy. Our goal is to grow our Forex brokerage services firm to become one of the top 20 Forex brokerage firms in the United States of America which is why we have mapped out strategy that will help us take advantage of the available market and grow to become a major force to reckon with not only in the Las Vegas but also in other cities in the United States of America. The prices are determined with less variability than smaller players.

In order to attract people to your trading platform, you should develop Forex trading demo; a learning tool for Forex trading. Here, best forex trading business plan pdf, the broker makes money regardless of the market movements ASSUMING his technology is able to act quickly and without errors to unload the risk from the customers to the liquidity providers. Lastly, our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the best within our category start — ups Forex brokerage cum Forex trading firms in the industry meaning that they will be more than willing to build the business with us best forex trading business plan pdf help deliver our set goals and achieve all our aims and objectives. Small Brokers often use this resource as well, though with smaller investments. This is why we are committed to only hire the best hands within our area of operations. The currency pairs with the most notable supply and demand attached to them will be considered the most liquid in the forex market.